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Exhibition Contract

You can Download Contract of 4th International Irandrilling Exhibition from Below  link:



Conditions & rules

Charge & Services

  1. 5000 EUR instead of bellow services:
  • Stand: 12 Sq meter  (Standard booth including : Rear and side walls, fascia with company name, 1 table, 2 chairs and electricity connection)
  • Full delegate passes: 3  (Access to all the conference and exhibition area)
  • logo branding on exhibition guide (5000 printed copies)
  • Company profile 1 Full page in DRILLING magazine(English) / Iran  upstream magazine(Persian)
  • Logo branding on Digital congress branding (Website Homepage/Exhibition list)


Stand Configuration




Before 31 December 2018: %75 of the paid

After 31th November to 4th February 2018: %30 of the paid

After 4th February 2018:  No refunds

  • No cancellation shall be acknowledged unless received in writing by secretariat. The date upon which the notice of cancellation is received shall apply as the official date of cancellation.
  • Upon Exhibitor notification of cancellation, secretariat has the right to resell the space vacated.



  1. Once the Exhibitor application has been received by Secretariat, a confirmation of acceptance together with an invoice, will be sent. The invoice will include a request asking for the Exhibitor to pay the invoice in full by no later than 10 days following the invoice date.
  2. Secretariat reserves the right to cancel and reassign any exhibit space for which an invoice remains unpaid for more than 10 days after the invoice date.
  3. No Exhibitor will be allowed to begin move-in operations or be listed as an Exhibitor in the conference program until full payment and a signed contract has been received by Secretariat.



  1. The individual signing this agreement warrants that (i) he/she has the authority to bind contractually the organization applying for exhibit space and (ii) the product brought to be exhibited qualifies for the exhibition.
  2. secretariat may be held liable for loss, injury, or damages sustained by Exhibitor or Exhibitor’s personnel only to the extent such loss, injury or damages are solely caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of secretariat or its agents or employees, and not otherwise.
  3. Organizer shall not be responsible for any loss of business, loss of profits, injury, damage or expense, of whatever nature that the Exhibitor may suffer due to event cancellation as a result of conditions that render the event impracticable. Causes of impracticability include, but without limitation: casualty, explosion, fire, lightning, utility interruption, flood, weather, epidemic, hurricane, tornado, Earth quake or other acts of nature, any law, ordinance, rule or regulation, acts of public enemies, strikes, riots or civil disturbances.
  4. The Exhibitor hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless secretariat, its officers, directors, employees, agents and each of them with respect to any claims, suits, damages, liabilities, losses, expenses, and costs



An exhibition space is a workplace in itself and the exhibitor is responsible for the health and safety of that workplace during the construction, use and dismantling of the stand. The Exhibitor thus has a legal duty of care for anyone on or near the site who may be affected by the actions of the stand contractors or exhibiting staff.

  1. The Exhibitor should do nothing to jeopardize the current insurance policies or the licenses of the Landlords or the organizers and the Exhibitor shall in all cases comply with any requirements of the authorities. Exhibitors who do or omit to do anything which renders the organizers or landlords current policy liable for premium loading are responsible for the extra premium payable. An Exhibitor in breach of any of the safety provisions will indemnify the organizers in respect thereof.
  2. All display material must be fire resisting.
  3. Explosive, radioactive, highly inflammable or other dangerous substances may not be exhibited or bought into the exhibition area.
  4. All exhibitors are required to conduct a risk assessment of their stand ahead of the event. This must be available on request by the organizer.


To ensure the continuation of a smooth installation, dismantling, and operation during the event, official contractors will be appointed. Participants are urged to obtain required labor and services from these official contractors.

All requests for installations beyond the published installation completion deadline must be submitted to secretariat in writing. Should secretariat not be notified in writing, secretariat reserves the right to resell the cancelled space and the contract will become null and void.

If the Exhibitor fails to utilize the exhibit space and/or the space is vacant at the time of the published deadline for completion of installation, secretariat reserves the right to consider the space to be cancelled and vacated.



No Exhibitor shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted to him nor permit any other person or party to exhibit there in any other goods’ apparatus etc. not manufactured or distributed by Exhibitor in the regular course of his business except upon prior written consent from the congress.


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