The latest Volume of “Drilling Magazine” was issued recently

The latest Volume of “Drilling Magazine” was issued recently, containing up-to-date information on Iran drilling industry market. Like its previous volumes, the official partner of “Iran Drilling Congress & Exhibition 2017”, has published more than 20 articles of experts on this industry, locally and internationally. Alongside the articles, the latest news of Iran drilling industry has been covered like its preceding ones. Iran Drilling Congress and Exhibition 2017, as the biggest annual gathering of Iranian drilling experts, held on 18th & 19th February in Tehran, is one of the important news on this volume.

As the sole English Based Drilling magazine in Iran with almost 20 think tanks on different management and technical issues, the articles can provide the readers with clear insight on how the things are going on here in Iran. The latest Offshore and Onshore rig count in Iran, is one of the valuable information published in this volume. As the preceding volumes, Rig Names, Rig Owners, Clients, Names of the Filed drilling in, and Rig statuses have been updated with the recent data. Also for the first time, the Official estimated demand of drilling services in Iran for future five years has been published; which draws a great deal of interest for service provider companies.

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