Determine the format of evaluation and ranking of the company

The eighth meeting of the Committee was held at the presence of the National Oil Company and a group of experienced technical and managerial personnel. According to the explanations presented by the representative of the National Oil Company, the appointment and implementation of the evaluation and ranking system on the agenda of that respectable company, has been ordered by the Minister of Oil. The project has become a must-have for the rig equipment and manpower, and has made significant progress in the human resources sector. In the section of the mast and equipment, prioritized by the experts of the National Oil Company, which will be available to committee members at a forthcoming meeting.
It is the responsibility of the committee to determine the appropriate format for evaluating the different parts designated, based on the proposed formats, the extension of the oil-rich regions of the South, the development of the oil and gas sector and the formats that are available and with the technical expertise of the experts in the field. Representatives of different companies will be summoned.
At the end of the meeting, it was decided that future meetings would be held at the presence of the National Oil Company representative.

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