Review of Annual Drilling Fluid Committee


• Introduction and identification of new drilling fluid technologies / materials in the world and Iran
• Correcting structures, methods, applying day methods, and using new materials and fluids by connecting with new businesses / knowledge based companies.
• Optimize drilling operations with proper drilling fluid system
• Improves the quality of the fluid completing fit with new and running methods

Executive Steps and Committee Steps:
1) Review of processes, materials technologies and drilling supplements
2) Investigate new innovations in the design of drilling fluid and projects carried out in leading companies and feasibility studies in the country.
3) How to optimize and increase drilling performance using standard drilling fluid system
• Examining how to reduce the cost of materials and fluid additives
• Spam costs as a costly part and the use of appropriate LCMs
• Compare the cost of different drilling fluids and replace expensive fluids with cheaper fluids
• Processes and processes that reduce flower costs regardless of type (Batch Drilling)
4) Checking the completion of wells and corrosion control in order to complete, produce and optimal efficiency
5) Creation of start-ups in the field of drilling fluid and how they interact with companies active in this field
Given the challenges and solutions that have been extracted in the past, it is now necessary to use the least costly, fastest and most efficient execution methods to implement these solutions. These features can be achieved through new technologies and technologies for producing materials, or by monitoring and controlling process processes through startups. To achieve this, the proposed process is as follows:
• Identify the startups of this field in the world, if any
• Careful examination of them and determination of key indicators
• Customize and customize it with internal conditions
• If possible, create startups independently or define corporate acceleration programs

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