Annual Planning Committee for Drilling Optimization

Definitions and optimization concepts were discussed and members discussed and discussed the concept of optimization.
• Different sections of optimization, including reduced drilling time and reduced NPT, were briefly reviewed.
• Among other proposed sections for the program of the software, hardware, and manpower division of the committee, suggested and reviewed by some members.
• Reviewing joint meetings with the Drilling Fluid Committee as part of a major impact on drilling optimization.
• Reviewing the challenges and shortcomings available for implementing the standard drilling operations and having optimal drilling operations.
• Discuss EPD Contracts and solve some of the Challenges of this Contract Model

  • Problems raised by members in the field of optimization

Poor training of drilling personnel and lack of attention to this issue
The lack of technologies and tools needed to optimize drilling
Lack of access to information While there is a complete archive of data on drilling performed in different fields (although they are traditionally archived)

  • Committee members’ suggestions

Review the very important topic of data management in the drilling industry
The division of optimization topics into three parts of tools and materials, before and during operations and personnel, and examining them simultaneously.
Divide topics into software, hardware and human resources

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