Production and Productivity Committee

  • According to the plans, the theme “Well-driven production improvement methods” was considered for the Production and Productivity Committee, which includes the following topics.

1- Review new methods for solving production problems

2. Evaluation and review of the history of the gap in Iran

3. Review Artificial Lifting Problems and New Technologies

4. Optimization of drilling methods in achieving the highest level of well and reservoir contact

At the beginning of the meeting and later on, the issue raised last year was discussed on the issue of flood control, and in this regard, a presentation was provided on the methods of oil control that are being carried out or are being carried out in the oil industry.
In the follow-up session, we talked about the methods presented in the presentation, and some of the above mentioned issues were thoroughly investigated, and if required and appropriate to the company’s field conditions and wells, these methods should be used.
There are also some limitations in the implementation and implementation of drainage control projects and other similar projects, which include the need for PLT tests and other tests that are not available to employer companies and risk-taking topics.

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