The first meeting of the Economics and Market Committee of the Drilling Congress

Considering the issues of the country’s drilling industry and the current state of the country, most of the discussions focused on EPD projects and on-going conditions. Finally, the topics of the forthcoming meetings were identified.• Oil and investment market trends (Oil price forecasts, oil shale, Iran’s sanctions vision, E & P investment process …)
• The impact of internal factors (NIOC performance, EPC, EPD, IPC, and projects projects that are supposed to be financed from the domestic source) ($ 50 billion in debt of the National Oil Company with a yield of $ 10-13 billion)
• Drop-out strategy (intensive cost reduction, M & A strategy, getting out of the market)
• Dredging market (development projects, repairs, deep water wells, gas storage, etc.)
• Marine Drilling Market (The reason for land differentiation due to the high availability of sea towers and their attachment)
• Regional and international markets

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