Pathology of EPD Contracts

• At the meeting, the first stage of the history of oil and gas production and contracts signed during the course of history was discussed, and then oil contracts were analyzed in the upper reaches of the oil and gas industry.
• Subsequent contracts were reviewed in the drilling industry, and the pathology of the existing contracts and a solution to optimize contracts in this area were held in other parts of the meeting.
• Examining the relationship between the employer and the contractor in the EPD contracts / Examining the interests of the parties in the EPD contracts / POWER and CONTROL reviews in the EPD contracts
• The members of the committee, in view of the objectives and strategies, discussed the process of the continuation of the Committee on the Economy and the Market, and the executive program of this section was finalized in 1997, it was decided at the next meeting of the strategy of the companies providing drilling services In the market downturn, it should be investigated.


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