Investigating the application and role of the brain tube of drilling industry with the approach of providing well completion services and repair

The operations performed by the mobile brain tube are in three main categories, each of which has the following subcategories as follows:

1. Fluid Injection
Nitrogen gasification (well-being)
well cleaning
Injection of water, water and gasoline
Gel Fluid Injection
injection of foam or nitrified fluids
Alternating fluid injection and nitrogen (slug)
Cement manufacturing
Installing cement plug
Injection of cement in the formation (closure of interlocking barriers or preventing sewage leakage)
Acid Wash

2. Drive the inside tool
Insert and remove all types of interchanged valves
Blaster Services
Bead Blaster / Scale Blaster
Bridge Blaster
Jet Blaster
Screen Blaster
separation of different wells
Cup-Type Packers
Mechanical Packers
Hydraulic Set Packers
Inflatable Packers
Bridge Plugs
Reamering & Under-Reaming
Tubing Cutting
Scroll tool
Graphing with cable
hydraulic failure
Electric grid
Continue drilling of previous wells
Re-entry of the brain tube of the well
Re-entry from the pipe pipe
New Well Drill
Radial Jet Drilling

3. Completion of the well
production of mobile CT (velocity string)
insertion of a mobile brain tube at the end of the brain tube (CT tailpipe extension)
patch tubing patch
Cover the well of the brain
Permanent blockage of the side valve of the well
Blocking offset intervals
Installation of an electric pump (ESP)
Gas Spool Gas (Valve Spool)
Through-tubing gravel pack

Parts running in Iran
Fluid injection
Nitrogen gasification
Well cleaning
Acid Wash
Scan inside tool
Lattice work
Priorities set for review
Charting (E-line)
Radial Jet Drilling

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