Iran has the capacity to export gasoline

Deputy Minister of Petroleum Planning, said that the current average gasoline consumption in the country is 88 million liters per day and production is slightly more than 100 million per day, said: “In the current situation, we have gasoline export capacity.”

Houshang Falahatian, today’s (Saturday, March 4th), spoke in a special session on “The Perspective of Iran’s Oil and Gas Industry, Leading Scenarios,” held at the Sixth Congress and Exhibition of Drilling Industry and the Third Congress and Exhibition of Exhibitions and Production, said: Moving from the sale of raw materials to the sale of high value added products, the move from a reliant government to oil into an oil-based economy is part of the necessity of changing the macro-level approaches in the oil industry.

He added: “If the macroeconomic policy of the country looks at the oil industry as a lactating cow, we will not have a different output than the past.”

The Deputy Minister for Oil Planning said: “If we do not think about fuel consumption in the years ahead and fuel and vehicle prices will not increase, in the next two years we will once again face the challenge of supplying gasoline to the country.”

According to him, the development of fields in the west of Karun, the development of drought fields like Azar, the maximum production of South Pars gas condensate, equipping upstream of South Pars and … is part of the plans of the Ministry of Oil in the upstream sector of the industry.

Deputy Minister of Oil Planning, pointing out that commercialization and manufacturing of heavy oil items is one of the issues that has been emphasized more than before, said that 51 contracts worth 597 million euros and 433 billion dollars were exchanged with the private sector. Is.

The third congress and exhibition of exploration and production, and the sixth congress and drilling industry exhibition, with the participation of 1,200 key stakeholders in the public and private sectors, were launched by graduates of the oil industry and specialized oil industry newspapers this morning.

This year’s event will include 30 specialist workshops, 5 workshops and more than 100 presentations and lectures on the description and explanation of the dimensions and requirements of projects for the maintenance of production from the technical, financing, legal, contractual, insurance and risk management levels, as well as reviewing business strategies. In the companies of exploration and production, general contractors, drilling operations and technical services are subject to sanctions.

The sixth congress and exhibition of the drilling industry and the third congress and the exhibition of exploration and production will end on the fifth of March.


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