The oil industry needs fresh blood and new growth

The oil exploration manager at the National Oil Company emphasized the need to open the doors of the oil industry to new ideas and said: “The oil industry needs fresh blood and needs a new birth in politics.


The sixth congress and exhibition of the drilling industry and the third congress and exhibition of exploration and production pointed out that the oil industry has done its job well over the past 40 years, according to the Shana correspondent, the Seyyed Salih of India today (Saturday, March 4th, Hence, the enemies in all walks of life after the revolution won the oil industry for hitting.

He said that although the oil industry has had brilliant performance and good achievements, but this does not mean that we could not do better than this, he noted: Of the 250 oil reservoirs we have, there are still 120 unshielded reservoirs, and of 130 gas reservoirs Available in the country, there are still 100 undeveloped reservoirs.

The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) explains: “The position of the Iranian oil industry, given that it is the largest holder of oil and gas reserves in the world, is not appropriate in the world, and it requires birth and growth in the decision-making and policy-making process.

Hindi emphasized the need for a fundamental transformation in the oil industry: the National Iranian Oil Company should try to become a business unit, and the difference between the National Oil Company and the administration of documents should be clear.

He further said that the identification of unconventional sources of oil shale, gas shale and gas hydrates is very good, but is currently not a priority for the National Iranian Oil Company, adding that the private sector should enter this area.

The third congress and exhibition of exploration and production, and the sixth congress and drilling industry exhibition, with the participation of 1,200 key stakeholders in the public and private sectors, were launched by graduates of the oil industry and specialized oil industry newspapers this morning.

This year’s event will include 30 specialist workshops, 5 workshops and more than 100 presentations and lectures on the description and explanation of the dimensions and requirements of projects for the maintenance of production from the technical, financing, legal, contractual, insurance and risk management levels, as well as reviewing business strategies. In the companies of exploration and production, general contractors, drilling operations and technical services are subject to sanctions.


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