The need to reform governance in the oil industry

The head of the congressional policy council of the drilling industry emphasized the need for governance in the oil and gas industry and said that the reform of governance provides good opportunities for the development of the oil industry.

According to Shana’s reporter, Renkaddin Javadi at the sixth congress and exhibition of the drilling industry and the third congress and exhibition of exploration and production outlined the congressional period. He noted that the foundation of the Drilling Congress was held by friends of the National Iranian Oil Company of Southern Iran in the year 87 It has been a major institution; this congress held its second term in Tehran in 1993.

He pointed out that the subsequent periods were held in 1994-1999, respectively, from this congress as the largest upstream congress of the oil industry in the country, adding that “there will be 20 specialized congresses, of which 18 will be held.” In drilling, exploration and production, and two start-up meetings.

The former vice president of oil, reminding us that Iran holds the world’s first gas reserves and the world’s fourth largest oil reserves, said: “If we add new discoveries in the sandy layer and in the future, adding gas hydrates to these reserves, do.

Javadi emphasized the necessity of investing in the oil industry and said: “I hope we continue the rapid growth of the oil industry beyond our international constraints.” Startup activities guarantee this acceleration and should be taken into consideration.

He stated that governance in the oil and gas industry is one of the main constituents of the congress, he said: “Governance reform provides good opportunities for the development of the oil industry, and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to it.

The third congress and exhibition of exploration and production, and the sixth congress and drilling industry exhibition, attended by over 1,200 key stakeholders in public and private sectors, with the collaboration of graduates of the oil industry and specialized oil industry magazines this morning.

This year’s event will include 30 specialist workshops, 5 workshops and more than 100 presentations and lectures on the description and explanation of the dimensions and requirements of projects for the maintenance of production from the technical, financing, legal, contractual, insurance and risk management levels, as well as reviewing business strategies. In the companies of exploration and production, general contractors, drilling operations and technical services are subject to sanctions.


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