Safety, Environment and Quality Control Committee


  • Introducing a suitable platform for  Enterprise resource planning (ERP) of  health, safety, environment and quality in order to solve the problems



  • Promotion of HSE knowledge and culture
  • Introducing monitoring and maintenance tools as well as developing Professional domestic capabilities
  • developing HSE educational systems and integrated national inspection
  • Modifying traditional HSE structures
  • To guaranty implementation of environmental rules and developing environment protection technologies
  • Improving the preventive measures instead of modification measurements
  • Using the updated knowledge and facilities and gathering experiences of last projects
  • Making the quality control and guaranty more efficient
  • Integrating all activities of health management, safety and environment
  • Creating integrated systems for controlling quality
  • Preparations to fulfill the legal and social responsibilities for environment management
  • Providing the required informing substructures and implementation mechanisms to complete middle layers of IPC models in the field of HSEQ



  • Education and Culture
  • Health, hygiene and safety
  • Environment and waste management
  • Contracts and contractors evaluation
  • Financial resources, human resources and equipment
  • Inspection and Quality Control



  • 750 man hours
  • 20 meetings
  • 22 attended companies
  • 28 members