Human Resources and Knowledge Management Committee


  • Implementing knowledge management & improving human resources management system in drilling industry



  • Human resources management to achieve its real position in organizations
  • Changing the traditional attitude and scrolling to the modern attitude of HR management
  • Developing Ethical Charter  for drilling companies
  • Creating  the operation evaluation system based on project and organization’s goals
  • Creating an integrated system of recording learnings
  • Creating educational standards and introducing drilling credible and professional training centers
  • Forming the association of HR management in drilling industry
  • Studying the challenges & obstacles of creating knowledge management systems in active oil industry companies
  • Presenting methods & procedures of executing knowledge management cycle in drilling industry
  • Desirable communication between industry & universities



  • Organizational Structure
  • Organizational Culture
  • HR Strategy
  • Knowledge management
  • HR Planning
  • Job design
  • Recruitment & Maintenance
  • Turnover



  • 570 man hours
  • 17 meetings
  • 11 attended companies
  • 19 members