Legal and Contractual Committee


  • The formation of specialized organization for production, modification, promoting and updating samples and required drafts of the Iranian drilling industry contracts


  • Increasing the cooperation level between operators and contractors
  • To determine the optimal structure of financial management in financial expenses
  • Eliminating unnecessary items in drilling contracts
  • Determining structures, prerequisites and requirements of developing standard contracts of drilling industry
  • Focusing on drilling services on contracts by using services of the main contractor company
  • The definition of insurance clauses in the drilling contracts based on the international standards and indexes
  • Correction and revision of Integrated drilling contracts



  • Study the challenges and obstacles of different types of contracts between drilling operators and contractors (daily worker, due to depth, participatory, discrete, integrated, etc.)
  • Reviewing the requirements of operational companies in drilling projects
  • Study the solutions and mechanisms of activities related to the tenders and contract management in the operator’s organization
  • Focusing on main policies and activities by coordination of mother contractor companies
  • Identifying the common and measurable goals of parties involved in the contract
  • Transferring topics that are not related with employer to the main contractor
  • Determining and establishing a system of bonuses and penalties in order to reach higher efficiency and reducing the final cost of the project
  • Surveying contractor companies and interacting ways with operational companies
  • Methods to create proper organizational structure of major contractors for arranging and strong management of small contractors’ operation
  • Providing provisions and items to remove the obstacles and difficulties of drilling contracts
  • Clarifying the extents of powers and responsibilities in contracts
  • Studying successful international patterns for the development of oil and gas contracts



  • 150man hours
  • 10 meetings
  • 8 attended companies
  • 11 members