Project Management Committee


  • Increasing the chance of drilling projects success by spreading of using project management in the drilling industry


  • Achieving HR management to its real position in organizations
  • Integrating management system of drilling projects
  • Operational evaluation of finished projects
  • Developing & presenting the evaluating factors for investigating the merit of project managers & the team.
  • Optimizing implementation of projects by combining risk engineering & value engineering
  • Implementation of standard software system for control & managing the projects in drilling industry
  • Developing comprehensive ways for Simultaneous optimization of project parameters
  • Presenting a model for developing merits of project managers
  • Standardization of procedures and technical science of managing major projects
  • Planning & controlling the time, cost and work progress
  • Presenting management methods for transferring technology and technical knowledge of projects
  • Implementing of project management data system in drilling projects



  • Resources and costs
  • Performance management and project’s team
  • Audit management systems and project control
  • Time, costs and project progress
  • Integrated project management systems
  • Contracts , claims & disputes