Top Managers’ Point of View

 Top Managers’ Point of View

  • What they say about Iran Drilling Congress

Roknnedin Javadi

We saw these youngsters worked with interest at this Congress. I have been through their many activities and efforts in various meetings and working groups, also I read their useful outputs. This congress can be a model for reviewing legal processes, people’s education and decision-making processes for E & P projects that is very necessary in the country.

Ali Kardor

The oil industry, especially the upstream, needs strategic modification in the current context. Any type of modification or improvement in the process depends on its strategies. The rule is that the output of these conferences should become future policies, also be implemented by the state, moreover the private sector can use it, too. This congress is one of the few congresses that concentrated on the content. The effective attempts have been done regarding the content and upstream structure of the oil industry.

Hamid Bovard

One of the most essential subjects is the development of a contracting system in the field of drilling industry, which has been studied in collaboration with the deputy director of engineering, research and technology. Although the Management and Planning Organization of Iran pursues this important area, the drilling industry has remained silent so far. With the recent efforts, we hope to arrive at satisfactory results as fast as possible. This will focus on the ranking of contractors’ companies, also make tender more precise.

Gholamreza Manouchehri

This congress, as one of the most prominent congresses in the upstream field of the Iranian oil industry, has a substantial structure regarding the content. In the conference, we witnessed the active role of the youngsters, so terrific articles were presented by them, this will cause an elite petroleum community. We must appreciate the conference organizers, which have established a good network of experts.

Amir Hossein Zamani Nia

The congress has contributed to the development and promotion of policies, aimed at increasing the private sector cooperation and creating opportunities for the sector. I, as the responsible one for “promoting energy diplomacy”, attempted extensively in regards to identify the capabilities and attract the investment of the country’s oil industry. Holding International events and meetings have had many benefits for the country.

Habib Allah Bitaraf

I am very pleased to be present for the second time in this congress. The development of an executive technical system as a framework for realizing the engineering and operational capacities and capabilities of the industry is one of the essential achievements of this congress. Conducting such conferences is substantial especially for the drilling industry. I hope that this congress can succeed in improving the role and capabilities of companies, especially exploration and production companies, in the development of oil and gas industries.

Mehdi Mir Moezi

The purpose of the conference is to provide information on the development of fields, new projects. Also, clarify current status of the Iranian oil industry. The presence of a wide range of companies and specialists in the field of oil and gas at this gathering illustrates the success of the congress to exchange information and experiences among the individuals and to resolve the ambiguities in this area.

Vasily Mozgovy (Tatneft)

We believe that it is vital to attend such events as an international company, so that we can discuss the most important issues related to the development of the Iranian oil and gas industry with our colleagues. The atmosphere of the event was very good and friendly, and the panel discussions were very useful, especially since the topics were very obvious, the discussions were very useful for foreign companies like Tatneft. Also, the combination of congress and exhibition was also very effective in the sense that we were able to easily communicate with service providers that might be working with in the future.

James Firou (Eco Capacity Exchange)

Industrial events are so essential, as they bring together leading industry leaders and their managers and allow individuals to share their information. This gives you a great chance to meet many people in just one or two days. As a result, the event will be useful for the audience in all areas from technical issues to management, financial issues, etc. It should also be said that the Iranian exploration and production congress was very good and professional in terms of holding. Specifically, everything was precise and planned. The level of guests and speakers was also high, but I personally expected more senior officials such as ministers to attend the event.

Staal Jorgensen (Global Mechatronics Company)

The whole event was very good. It gives us a great view of the Iranian market (the oil and gas industry in the country). This was the first time that I and my colleagues had traveled to Iran, and we had a lot of questions about the Iranian market, which we found the responds for many of them. What surprised us was a huge potential for working with the Iranian oil and gas industry in the field of technology and others. The event was also a great opportunity for us to be closer to the Iranian exploration and production companies.