Drilling Technical Services Committee


  • Increasing the quality of drilling technical services with an emphasis on local companies abilities



  • Developing an operational roadmap to organize drilling technical services companies
  • Developing a ranking system for drilling technical services companies
  • Evaluation of international companies’ experiences and the investigation of existing standards and providing drilling services instructions
  • Setting major performance indicators for each drilling services and case study of the current conditions based on the specified indicators
  • Localizing drilling services in HR, operations, technology, engineering, equipment supply and raw materials sections
  • Surveying equipment for providing technical services in the sections of technical specifications, quality, local building possibility, maintenance and calibration possibility (Periodical adjustment)



  • Directional drilling services
  • Mud logging services
  • Bit services
  • Coiled-tubing services
  • Logging services
  • Coring services
  • Wire-line services
  • Slick-line services
  • Wellhead equipment
  • Casing running services
  • Mobile tubing services
  • Fishing & other well intervention services



  • 1600 man hours
  • 55 meetings
  • 60 attended companies
  • 78 members