Specialized Committees

  • Engineering and Drilling Operations

engMore than 80% of the Drilling Industry expenses refers to well drilling. Engineering and drilling operation plays an important role in it. By reducing the wells’ production and increasing drilling costs as well as fluctuations in the global oil market, certainly there would be some day that producing oil with the current conventional methods will not be economical.  Nowadays, the biggest problem of this section is time and high cost that about 15 to 20 percent of wasted expenses of drilling relates to  wasted time which can be minimized by optimized engineering and successful drilling operation.Read more



  • Rig Operation

riggDrilling rig is one of the equipment which plays a key role in oil upstream industry. During recent years various complex and highly accurate drilling operations is being done in all over the world regarding to the development of new technologies and emerging modern ones. Hence drilling operation is one of the most costly activities of oil industry upstream section and any necessary action for scientific and optimized use of existing facilities for cost reduction will be inevitable.Read more



  • Offshore and Deep Water

offshoe opeOffshore drilling is known as the most prominent area of drilling operation from technical, engineering, management and financial aspect. According to the Macro Strategy of the Petroleum Ministry and the strategies to increase production from oil fields specially shared fields and exposing 20 offshore oil fields in exploration, production and development section, the exact study of prerequisites, requirements, challenges and solutions to solve the problems of this field to increase drilling efficiency and securing national treasure is not only necessary but also is known as a serious need of Iran’s oil industry.Read more


  • Production, Completion and WorkOver

commpletionExploration, Drilling and Oil Production are the three major parts of the exploitation in which presence of any defects causes uneconomical oil production and irreparable damages.

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  • Well Control

bloInhibition of oil and gas wells blowout has always been a concern since the discovery of oil. Well controlling is something and well blow out inhibition which are out of control is something else. Wherever an oil and a gas well is being drilled, the necessary measures to control the blowout should be done. This is why all onshore and offshore rigs are equipped with the blow out control equipment.

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  • Drilling Technical Services

servicesEntering domestic technical service provider companies to the development field of oil industry especially in upstream sector is a new phenomenon. Private companies, beside governmental sections could play a significant role in taking technical services and wining the employers’ trusts.


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  • Drilling Fluid

d fDrilling fluid that in the past was just for carrying the cuttings to the surface is now an effective factor for a successful drilling operation. Today by passing the time & advancing the service technology & different drilling operations these fluids have had technological & practical developments. And also their responsibilities have become more than past that have become an important factor for determining the success of the project.

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  • HSEQ

hseqA huge volume of investment, facilities, equipment and man power are involved in the oil industry, so occurring even the smallest safety and project mistake can be led to complete the chain of occurrence of adverse events. This will cause even irreversible consequences to the persons, industries, environment, credibility and the country’s capital. There was lots of similar accidents in the history of oil and gas industry of Iran and most of them were preventable.

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  • Technical Publications

publicationMeasurement and Technical Evaluation Workgroup for mission, vision and goals of drilling industry congress will act toward professional decision and policy making in technical, economy and management work groups. This work group works under supervision of congress’s policy making council and is considered as technical and management arm of this council in measurement and evaluation issues to release the considered contents and subjects.

Operation area of this work group includes all specific section and committees of drilling industry congress.Read more


  • Financing, Investment and Risk Management

riskCertainly in the next thirty years, global demand for oil and gas will be significantly increasing. But in spite of huge oil and gas reserves in Middle East and specially countries around Persian Gulf, the quantity of investment in upstream section of oil industry has been minimal compared to the rest of the world. Hence, need of investment in order to increase the capacity of primary energies production for achieving global demand rate is one of the major challenges of markets and major energy carriers in Iran.Read more



  • Manufacturing and Supplying chain

chainVast field of activity of onshore and offshore drilling operations and providing the most various technical services have caused a specific technical look to supplying equipment and goods in this field. Quality and quantity development and fast developing  technology in drilling and side services field has created new approaches in the process of supplying equipment; that choosing the best equipment regarding to their high cost and their after sale services, has become very hard.Read more


  • Economy and Markets

moneyThe changes in oil industry during recent years especially its cost have brought new requirements for drilling companies. Some part of these changes are in global scale and  have done by national and international companies by changing the operational & financial costs and predicting decrease or increase in profitability of projects and has effected on businesses of active drilling companies in sections of rig management, drilling services, drilling operation & preparing equipment.Read more


  • Human Resources

HROrganizations which use their Human Resource (HR) optimally and properly will show good results. Changing attitudes to HR can cause good results for managers. The HR management have changed basically from past, nowadays.HR management focuses on policies, measures and systems which affect behavior, attitudes and operations of the staff. Actually basic changes have been done in this field in some steps & today good organizations know that they can’t reach their goals without having HR managers.Read more


  • Legal and Contracts

CONTERactSo far, different standards for different types of drilling contracts das been released. Most of the big oil operator companies provide their own special standard contracts. These types of contracts are judged by lots of small contractors and are completed over time. On the contrary, big contractors develop their Performa contracts for different models of contracts.

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  • Project Management

projectAn important factor for success in a drilling project is using the knowledge of project management based on global standards. It is needed for existing a comprehensive structure for different parts of drilling costs and an engineering cost system structure that discuss cost of each part. So, developing a cost and management coherent & scientific system for a project, is vital. Achieved value management identify the operation of the project so we can have practical management on resources.

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